Sun, sun and more sun!

We know switching to solar can be complicated. We are here as your expert guide every step of the way.

Solarsmart makes it 100% simple to go from fossil fuel energy to clean and sustainable.
Imagine: Freedom from ever increasing electricity bill.

Solar Power through Uncertainty 

SolarSmart is a plug-and-play solar energy system that will keep the power on when the grid goes out. Our system is designed to stand up to unpredictable weather by providing reliable AC power for our home when the grid can't.

In the face of rising energy costs, extreme weather events, and unpredictable power outages, we can put the power back in your hands. Its an insurance policy for utility outages, that delivers peace of mind with renewable solar power. Our 110% energy offset coupled with battery capacity provides three days of power, no interruption is too great!

A complete blackout protection and cheaper electricity rates than most utilities, this savvy family-sized system is not a luxury item but a necessity.

Are ready to take action today?

1- Site Survey

SolarSmart energy expert technician will visit your house to measure, review an finalize the plan we discussed.

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2- System design

System design follow up, reviews tweaks or changes to our initial plan and make sure you like the results

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3- Permitting

We handle the permitting and paperwork the City Hall

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4- Installation

Your roof get and Up grade, an average solar installation takes about a day

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5- Inspection

Solarsmart will schedule an inspection with city hall. City representative will stop by your place to ensure the system is up to code and to city and state safety requirements.

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6- Utility HookUp

Solarsmart work with your utility to get everything connected. Your utility will connect your system to the grid, and may need to install a new meter.

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7- Power On

Let's put the sun to work for you!

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Enjoy safe and reliable backup Power!

February 2022 will mark the 1-year anniversary of the major power outage in Texas, the culprit: a record-low temperature. When 2 million Texans households were left without power that day in the middle of a pandemic, Houston had a problem!

Ever Increasing cost of electricity is here to stay! The days are long gone where being green means sacrificing efficiency or life quality standards- every single solar product we offer is both high performing and esthetically pleasing.

Imagine reliable energy when you need it most

  1. Uninterrupted Power through outages
  2. Monitoring and Maintenance
  3. Rate Protection
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