How does paying for solar power help control my costs?

Utility rate increases are unpredictable, and they’re only expected to get worse. When you replace utility power with solar power, you take control of your costs with a predictable, locked-in rate. The more your utility increases its rates, the greater the benefit you can see from solar.

Is it better to lease or buy solar panels?

Leasing and buying solar panels come with their own unique advantages.

Purchasing solar generally requires upfront investment which can make it cost-prohibitive for many. That’s why Solarsmartnow financial partners offers stress-free solar leasing so you can go solar for as little as $0 down. When you lease solar panels or pay for power through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) you are only responsible for a locked-in monthly payment. Since Solarsmartnow financial partner owns the system when it is leased, we’ll also provide top-notch monitoring and maintenance during the length of your agreement, free of charge. That means clean, worry-free energy. And if it breaks, we’ll fix it.

We also know that many people want to own their equipment which is why Solarsmartnow also gives you the option to buy your solar panels. When you own your solar system, you own your production and all the benefits that come with solar investment.That means solar incentives like state solar rebates, net metering and the federal solar tax credit will go directly to you. However, you’ll be responsible for any repairs and maintenance your solar system needs outside the scope of your solar system’s warranty.

Will owning solar panels increase my home value?

Studies have shown that owning home solar panels can significantly increase your property value. Solar homes in California sell for $20,000 more on average, while solar homes in other states sell for about $15,000 more. With numbers like that, you can likely recoup the cost of your solar system when you sell your home. Not only will you enjoy clean, reliable energy, you’ll know you've made a smart investment.

What is the benefit of home solar financing?

You can enjoy the benefits of going solar like a lower electricity bill, tax credits, solar rebates and hassle-free financing without having to pay the full cost of a solar system up front. We partner with trusted loan providers to help you get fast approvals and low, fixed interest rates, hassle-free. By financing your system, you can enjoy the benefits of going solar at little to no up-front cost.

Are solar loans tax deductible?

The interest on loans for solar panels are only tax deductible if they are secured loans, such as a home equity loan. BrightAdvantage is an unsecured loan through one of our trusted loan partners, so the interest on your loan will not be eligible for a tax deduction. However, you’ll be able to purchase a solar system for little to $0 down with the added benefit of low, fixed interest rates. You’ll also still be able to take advantage of incentives like the federal solar tax credit. To learn more, Book a 15minutes strategy call with our solar advisors to see if you qualify.