What does Solarsmartnow do to give back?

Solarsmartnow believes in giving back to the communities where our customers live, work and play. Here are a few examples of the work we've done, made possible by our customers.

What is the environmental impact of a Solar energy solution system?

There are many different ways that you can measure the positive environmental impact of your home solar system. Here are just a few:

  • It takes just 10 months of solar production for a SolarSmartNow home solar system to offset the carbon emissions associated with its manufacture.
  • Over its lifetime, the average solar home will prevent harmful carbon emissions equal to driving 498,778 miles in an average car, which is more than enough to drive to the moon and back.
  • When you look at cumulative impact of all 233,000 Solar homes, we have had the same impact as recycling 2.6 trillion pounds of waste, which is like recycling 128 Eiffel Towers.

As more people like you join the solar movement, the amount of impact we are able to have becomes all the more significant.